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Powerpoint dashboard template with gray background
from deck Flat Data-Driven Presentation Charts (PPT template)

3 Pie Charts Grey Stripes + description – vertical comparison

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "3 Pie Charts Grey Stripes + description – vertical comparison", indicating that it is likely used to compare three different datasets or percentages visually using pie charts. Each pie chart has a prominent percentage value (70%, 43%, and 18%) and space for a corresponding headline and descriptive text. The use of pie charts allows for easy comparison of parts to a whole, and the accompanying text boxes provide space to explain each chart's significance or context.

Graphical Look

  • Three pie charts, aligned vertically, each with a different color theme: orange, purple, and green.
  • Every pie chart has a percentage in its center, indicating the data being represented.
  • Each pie chart is surrounded by a striped grey circle, which creates a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Next to each pie chart, a text box area titled "Your headline text here..." allows for customization.
  • Below the title area, a longer text box with the placeholder "Write your text here..." is provided for additional descriptions.
  • Each pie chart percentage is encircled by a two-tone color accent corresponding to its theme.

The slide is clean and visually balanced with a modern design that emphasizes the data through the use of color and contrast. The use of grey stripes gives depth to the pie charts, and the layout provides a structured flow from the data to the accompanying information.

Use Cases

  • Comparing performance metrics across different products, divisions, or time periods in a business setting.
  • Illustrating survey results where different responses are showcased side by side.
  • Highlighting progress towards different goals in a project management dashboard.
  • Displaying market share percentages of different companies within the same industry.

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