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Financial Decks

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Example of the dashboard diagrams illustrated with icons
from deck All Hand Drawn Icons and Diagram Shapes (PPT graphics Mega-Bundle)

Slide Content

The slide seems to feature three separate gauge-style meters depicting different percentages of progress or completion. Each gauge has a title icon above it linking the percentage to a concept. The first gauge, with a balance scale icon, shows 50% and suggests a possible association with legal or equality issues. The second gauge, indicated by a globe icon, is at 70% and may correspond to global reach or international matters. The third gauge has a light bulb icon and rests at 40%, likely signifying innovation or ideas in development.

Graphical Look

  • Three circular gauge graphics uniformly aligned horizontally across the slide.
  • Each gauge has eleven circular indicators around its perimeter, with a varying number colored in to represent percentages.
  • An icon placed above each gauge symbolizing different themes:
  • A balance scale for the first gauge.
  • A globe for the second.
  • A light bulb for the third.
  • Each gauge has a central needle pointing towards the percentage being signified.
  • Underneath each gauge, there's space allocated for explanatory text, currently filled with placeholder text "Your sample text here".
  • The bottom right corner includes a note about the slide's editability.

The overall look of the slide is clean and business-like, with a simple yet effective use of icons and color to convey progress or completion rates visually. The design facilitates easy interpretation of data at a glance.

Use Cases

  • To visually represent performance metrics such as completion percentages in project management updates.
  • For displaying company-wide goals progress, like sales targets or customer satisfaction levels.
  • Can be used in financial presentations to illustrate budget utilization or investment returns.
  • Suitable for tracking the status of initiatives within different departments, such as legal compliance, global expansion, or research and development.

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