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Calendar 2015: 4th quarter

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Calendar 2015: 4th quarter" and displays a three-month calendar for October, November, and December with dates and days of the week. Below the calendar, there are colored legend keys indicating "Project 1," "Project 2," "Project 3," and "Project 4." Each project corresponds to a specific color, likely used to mark project timelines or important dates on the calendar grid itself.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a dark gradient.
  • Three main calendar blocks represent October, November, and December, each in a distinctive column.
  • Day columns are labeled from "MON" to "SUN" at the top of each monthly block.
  • Each date is presented in an individual cell, and weekends are shaded differently to stand out.
  • The current month's dates are in white font, while the next month's dates are in a lighter shade.
  • Four colored squares with labels for "Project 1" through "Project 4" serve as a legend at the bottom of the calendar.

The overall look is modern and sleek, with a clear differentiation between the months and days. Icons or additional graphical elements do not clutter the slide, ensuring the calendar remains the focal point.

Use Cases

  • Planning and tracking project timelines during business presentations.
  • Illustrating quarterly milestones and deliverables in management meetings.
  • Coordinating cross-department schedules during a planning session.
  • Providing a visual snapshot of company-wide events for the quarter during all-hands meetings.

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