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Example of style and color customization slide
from deck Company Roles and Department Structure Outline Icons (PPT clipart)

Fully editable icons: Style and color customization

Slide Content

The slide presents the process of customizing icons within a presentation, specifically focusing on style and color adjustments for alignment with one's presentation theme. Two primary methods are described: "Change color to one matching your presentation," explaining automated color adjustment or manual changes via PowerPoint Quick Styles, and "Customize the appearance," detailing how to alter an icon's shape and apply different PowerPoint Shape Effects.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and professional design with a gray background.
  • The title is in black text at the top, serving as the primary focal point.
  • Two examples are provided, each consisting of an icon, an arrow, and text.
  • The first icon is a pencil and ruler crossed, depicted in two variants - orange to blue, demonstrating the color change capability.
  • The second icon is similar, but in orange, indicating the customization of the icon's appearance.
  • The arrows are dark gray, pointing from the original icon to its modified form.
  • Instructions are in a smaller text size, beneath each example, describing the corresponding process.
  • At the bottom, there is a brief instruction on changing the background shape in a rectangular, semi-transparent black overlay.

The slide is balanced, with visual elements guiding the viewer's eye from left to right, simulating the customizing process. The use of contrast between the icons and the background as well as the directional arrows effectively communicates transformation.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in a training presentation for new employees to demonstrate how to customize presentation materials.
  • In a sales or marketing meeting, it can show how the branding guidelines can be applied to icons for consistency.
  • During a workshop on advanced PowerPoint skills, this slide provides a visual guide to editing icon styles.
  • It's also useful in a design review meeting to illustrate possible customizations of icons before finalizing a presentation.

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