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Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is presenting demographic information about a business's targeted customers, broken down by gender, age, and type of work. The "Gender" section shows a 64% male and 36% female distribution, suggesting the product or service is more frequently used by males. The "Age" section indicates the largest customer group is between 26-35 years old, accounting for 53%, followed by those aged 18-25 (24%), suggesting a young adult demographic. The "Work" category is broken down into Manager (26%), Office Worker (19%), Laborer (13%), Freelancer (34%), and Other (8%), implying a significant freelance customer base.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a blue gradient with a dark to lighter blue transitioning from the top to the bottom.
  • The title "TARGETED CUSTOMER" is prominently displayed at the top in large, uppercase white font with a yellow horizontal line beneath it.
  • There are three main content blocks on the slide, each with its own pie chart illustrated in different shades of blue, orange, and gray.
  • The first block, labelled "Gender," is on the left with a legend below comparing two categories: Male (in blue) and Female (in orange).
  • The second block, "Age," is below "Gender," and has a similar legend with five age ranges, where "< 18" and "> 50" are in gray shades, while "18 - 25," "26 - 35," and "35 - 50" have distinct orange-blue gradients.
  • The third block, titled "Work," on the right side, displays a pie chart with icons representing different occupations including a tie for a Manager and a wrench for a Laborer.
  • Each pie chart has percentages associated with each segment, indicating the proportion of each category.
  • There is a brief line of placeholder text at the bottom suggesting the space could be used for commentary or explanation about the data shown.

The overall look of the slide is professional and clear, using a color scheme that differentiates demographic segments effectively. The pie charts serve as visual focal points, simultaneously conveying data while maintaining overall aesthetic coherence.

Use Cases

  • Presenting customer demographics during a marketing strategy meeting to tailor campaigns according to different customer segments.
  • Providing insights into customer bases for product development teams to help design features tailored to their primary users.
  • Sharing audience demographics with potential investors or stakeholders to establish a clear understanding of the market reach.
  • Updating the management or sales team about shifts or trends in the customer demographics during regular business reviews.

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