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Slide Content

The slide presents demographic data of a targeted customer group. The "Gender" section shows a pie chart with a majority of 64% Male and 36% Female. This indicates a male-dominant customer base. The "Age" category uses a bar graph to portray the predominant age group as 26-35 years at 53%, suggesting that the primary customers are young adults. Lastly, the "Work" section employs another pie chart to illustrate the occupational backgrounds of the customers, with "Manager" and "Laborer" being significant segments at 26% and 34%, respectively, hinting at a possible professional or blue-collar target market.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "TARGETED CUSTOMER" is prominently displayed at the top in bold, white font with an orange horizontal line below it.
  • The content is organized into three main colored blocks—two squares to the left and a larger rectangle to the right—each featuring a different color scheme (blue for Gender, teal for Age, and green for Work), and each block contains a graphical representation of data (pie or bar chart).
  • The Gender block has a light blue background with a dark blue pie chart, showcasing percentages for Male and Female with corresponding colored labels.
  • The Age block has a darker teal background with a multi-tier bar graph displaying percentages for various age ranges, depicted in increasing shades of teal to dark blue.
  • The Work block has a lime green background with sections for different job roles, illustrated by a pie chart overlaid with a repair tool icon, indicating manual or technical work.
  • There are bullet-point legends next to the charts describing the categories represented by each color or shade.

The overall look of the slide is modern and visually distinct, with a strong sense of organization through the use of colored blocks and charts to effectively segregate and display different sets of demographic data.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate customer demographics in a marketing or sales presentation, helping the audience understand the primary market segments.
  • In a business strategy meeting, to align product development or services with the predominant customer base.
  • During investor pitches to showcase the demographic reach and potential of the business.
  • As part of a market research report to visually communicate the characteristics of the target consumer.

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