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Slide Content

The slide is titled "TARGETED CUSTOMER" and presents demographic information about customers categorized by Income, Family, and Interests. Each category has a color-coded legend to assist in understanding the depicted percentages. The Income category shows tiers starting from "< $40k" to "> $150k", suggesting an analysis of customers based on their income brackets. Family status breaks down segments like "Single" and "Married with children". The Interests section includes general categories such as "Sport" and "Music", providing insight into the hobbies and preferences of the customer base.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a radiant blue.
  • Title is white, capitalized, and centered at the top in a bold, clean font.
  • Below the title is an orange horizontal line, acting as a division or underline.
  • To the left, there's a vertical, rectangular legend outlining Income with color-coded bars representing different income ranges.
  • In the center, a large pie chart shows the distribution of customers by income with labeled percentages.
  • A coin stack icon overlays the center of the pie chart symbolizing wealth or income.
  • To the right, two smaller pie charts illustrate the Family and Interests categories, each accompanied by a descriptive legend and icons representing people for Family and a flame for Interests.
  • The pie charts use flat colors and shadows for depth, and the icons are simple and symbolic.

The slide is well organized with a clear visual hierarchy. The use of color and icons helps to quickly convey the information.

Use Cases

  • Presenting customer demographics in a marketing strategy meeting.
  • Segmenting target audiences during a product development presentation.
  • Providing insights into customer segments in a sales pitch.
  • Communicating market research results to stakeholders in a business presentation.

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