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Customer Promise of Volkswagen AG Group Shared Customer Promise of 3 Various Brands Euler Diagram Usage Example
from deck Euler Diagrams of Set Relationship (PPT Template)

Customer Promise of Volkswagen AG Group

Slide Content

The slide illustrates the shared customer promises of various brands within the Volkswagen AG Group using an Euler diagram. The diagram categorizes the brand promises into three areas: A) Integrity and Functionality for brands such as Bentley and Porsche, suggesting these brands are committed to upholding ethical business and product reliability; B) Reliability and Affordability for brands like Skoda and Seat, implying these brands focus on providing dependable and economical vehicles; C) Prestige and Quality for Audi and Volkswagen, indicating a focus on high-status and superior craftsmanship in their products. The central overlapping area emphasizes the common shared customer promises among all these brands, underlining a unified value proposition.

Graphical Look

  • A large Euler diagram dominates the slide with three overlapping circles in different colors (orange for Skoda and Seat, green for Bentley and Porsche, and blue for Audi and Volkswagen) creating a Venn diagram aesthetic.
  • Each segment of the diagram is labeled with a letter "A," "B," or "C," corresponding to the list on either side of the diagram.
  • To the left, a vertical rectangular box with a red border contains the text "Brand Promises," followed by two bullet points: "Integrity" and "Functionality."
  • To the right, a similar box with a green border contains the text "Brand Promises," followed by two bullet points: "Reliability" and "Affordability."
  • Below the diagram, another similar box with a blue border contains the text "Brand Promises," followed by two bullet points: "Prestige" and "Quality."
  • Above each list is a corresponding icon: a gear symbol for "A," a piggy bank for "B," and a diamond for "C," which are color-coordinated with their respective sections of the Euler diagram.

The slide displays a clean and professional look with a strategic use of color to differentiate between the brands' promises while maintaining a cohesive visual theme. The icons provide a quick visual reference to the type of values each brand is associated with.

Use Cases

  • To explain the brand positioning and unique value propositions of different brands within a corporate group during a marketing presentation.
  • During a corporate strategy meeting, to illustrate how various brands under one umbrella company cater to different customer segments while sharing core values.
  • In a brand management training session, to help understand the distinct and shared characteristics of multiple brands managed by a single entity.
  • To visually present to investors or stakeholders how a conglomerate's diverse portfolio maintains a cohesive customer-centric strategy.

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