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Slide Content

The slide is about the concept of a "Sales Persona" and how it relates to the ideal client in the sales funnel. A sales persona is a fictional representation of the ideal customer, here described as a Senior Manager, aged 30-40, with an IT background, and interested in MBA studies. The persona lives in a new housing area, has 1-2 kids, and speaks more than two languages, which helps in tailoring marketing and sales strategies.

Graphical Look

  • A large orange funnel dominates the left side of the slide, with purple arrows pointing downwards, symbolizing the sales funnel.
  • The funnel is labeled "Sales persona" at the top and "Ideal client" at the bottom, showing the flow from a broad category to a specific target.
  • On the right side, there is a rectangular purple box with a heading "Sales persona profile" and a list of bulleted points detailing the attributes of the sales persona.
  • Above this box, there's a circular icon with the silhouette of a person, representing the sales persona.
  • The color scheme is primarily orange and purple, with white text for readability.

The slide has a clean and modern look, with a simple color scheme that contrasts well for visual impact. The use of icons and bullet points makes the content easy to digest.

Use Cases

  • In marketing meetings to define or present the target audience for a product or campaign.
  • During sales strategy sessions to align the sales approach with the characteristics of the ideal client.
  • As part of a training for new sales team members to help them understand the profile of customers they will be engaging with.
  • In pitching sessions to potential investors or management to demonstrate a clear understanding of the market and customer base.

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