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Customer Opinions: What client could say
from deck Customer Profile People Silhouettes (PPT icons clipart)

Customer Opinions: What client could say

Slide Content

The slide is dedicated to "Customer Opinions" and showcases varied hypothetical statements a client might make. Each figure on the slide represents a different persona and is paired with a speech bubble containing a distinct opinion or remark, such as casual conversation snippets "My friend Mike said..", "Let's play something!", and "This cat is cute!", or expressions of personal sentiment like "My job is killing me!" and "Evening's perfect." These exemplify the diverse range of feedback that clients might provide.

Graphical Look

  • Silhouettes of seven human figures, varied in gender and posture, representing different customer personas.
  • Each figure is associated with a colored speech bubble, implying the person's opinion or statement.
  • The color palette is primarily shades of blue, with red accents for contrast.
  • One figure in the bottom right corner stands out with a red vest, drawing attention to the customizable text option demonstrated by the adjacent speech bubble.
  • A call-out box in the upper right emphasizes the slide's feature of fully editable shape colors and effects, beside the standout figure.
  • The font used for the text within the speech bubbles and call-out box is modern and legible.
  • The overall layout is balanced, with figures evenly distributed across the slide, creating a dynamic yet coherent visual flow.

The slide has a professional and clean design, with a clear visual hierarchy that guides the viewer's eye through the content systematically. The choice to use silhouettes makes it universally relatable, and the varying statements in speech bubbles instantly convey the diversity of customer opinions.

Use Cases

  • To display customer feedback or testimonials during a business presentation to showcase client satisfaction or areas for improvement.
  • In marketing meetings to represent client personas and their potential thoughts or concerns regarding a product or service.
  • For training purposes, teaching employees about the types of customer interactions they might encounter.
  • To spark discussion during a product development meeting concerning potential opinions and target audience insights.

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