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Customer journey map slide
from deck Customer Experience Journey Diagrams (PPT Template)

Customer Journey Map Definition Template

Slide Content:

The slide is centered on the concept of a Customer Journey Map, which is defined as a visual tool that depicts the various stages of a customer's interactions with a company or product. This map is instrumental in understanding and illustrating the developmental process of a customer-brand relationship, highlighting key touchpoints and experiences that shape the customer's perception and actions.

Graphical Look:

  • A large circular icon with a teal background, containing a simplistic human figure and a stylized map with location pins.
  • The title of the slide is in bold, uppercase letters at the top.
  • The main body of text is in a clean, sans-serif font, providing a concise definition of a Customer Journey Map.
  • A bold teal vertical line on the right border adds a design accent.
  • The background of the slide is white, creating a contrast with the teal color scheme.
  • The slide has a minimalistic design with plenty of white space to avoid clutter.

Overall, the slide has a professional and clean aesthetic with a color scheme that is easy on the eyes. The design is straightforward and focuses on the content without unnecessary visual distractions.

Use Cases:

Such a slide would be used in business presentations to explain the concept of a customer journey map to stakeholders, and team members, or during a workshop. It could also be part of a training session for marketing teams, customer experience managers, or sales personnel to help them understand the importance of tracking the customer's experience with the product or service.

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