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Customer experience and goals table template
from deck Customer Experience Journey Diagrams (PPT Template)

Customer Experience & Goals Table Template

Slide Content:

The slide features a table that outlines the different stages of the customer experience journey: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention, and Advocacy. Each stage has an associated customer intention such as seeking a solution, assessing value, getting the solution, repeating the purchase, and sharing the experience. Placeholder text is provided for users to add specific information under each category, allowing for a customized presentation of the customer journey and goals associated with each stage.

Graphical Look:

  • A horizontal table with five columns, each representing a stage of the customer journey, color-coded from purple to dark teal.
  • Icons atop each column: an eye for Awareness, scales for Consideration, a handshake for Decision, a circular arrow for Retention, and a mobile phone for Advocacy.
  • Subtitles under each icon indicating the customer's intention.
  • Grey horizontal bars below each subtitle, suggesting areas to insert custom text.
  • The slide title is in bold, set against a white background at the top.
  • A clean and professional font is used throughout.

The slide's design is structured and systematic, employing a combination of color coding and icons to differentiate between the stages of the customer journey clearly. The layout is clean, with ample space for customization, fostering a clear and direct presentation style.

Use Cases:

This slide would be ideal for use in business strategy meetings, marketing presentations, customer service training, and workshops aimed at improving customer relations. It could also be used to align cross-functional teams on customer experience objectives and to track progress against set goals.

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