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Customer Demography Segments Icons
from deck Simple Flat Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Customer Demography Segments Icons

Slide Content

The slide is a visual representation of different customer demographics, utilizing a collection of icons to depict various age and gender groups. It includes icons for kids (girl, boy, baby), youth, children, and adults, differentiated by gender (woman, man) and includes symbols for male, female, and additional icons representing seniors, elders, grandpa, grandma, and a general icon for people of various ages. These icons serve as a visual shorthand to segment populations for marketing, sociological analysis, or customer profiling.

Graphical Look

  • The slide is designed with a predominantly white background.
  • A teal blue strip on the left border provides a contrast against the white background.
  • Eight icons are arranged across the slide representing different demographic segments.
  • The slide title "Customer Demography Segments Icons" is prominent at the top in bold, dark font.
  • A short descriptive text appears under the title, detailing the types of icons presented.
  • An additional panel on the right side highlights that the icons are "Fully editable" and includes two icons with different color schemes, indicating they are "Suitable for dark background".
  • Icons have a minimalistic and modern flat design style, depicted in a single color (blue).
  • Gender-specific icons use traditional symbols, while age representations use human figures in various stances and with age-indicating features like a cane for elders.

The slide has a clean, professional aesthetic with a balance between text and visual elements. The icons are clear and easily recognizable, facilitating quick visual communication of demographic segments.

Use Cases

  • Presenting market segmentation based on customer demographics in marketing plans.
  • Visualizing target audience groups in business proposals or investor presentations.
  • Illustrating user demographic statistics in social media or website analytics reports.
  • Enhancing slides in academic presentations or lectures on topics related to population demographics.

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