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Business Avatar Profile PowerPoint Template - infoDiagram
from deck Marketing Buyer Persona (PPT Template)

Business Avatar Profile Presentation Template

The Business Avatar Profile Presentation Template is designed to help business professionals create a comprehensive business avatar presentation to share details about their potential customers. The template is designed with a monochrome style with 4 items and outline icons. It includes editable visuals to help communicate the features of the client’s avatar like diagrams and icons. This template will definitely help you create a professional look and feel for the presentation, helping to make a positive first impression with your team or the relevant stakeholders.

What Does This Business Avatar Profile Slide Include?

  • 4 categories for demographics, background, goals & needs, and technology.
  • Blue and dark blue diagrams to highlight each category.
  • Person icon in the center of a donut diagram.
  • Icons: Pencil, pen and paper, arrow and target, laptop.
  • White Background.

This Business Avatar Profile slide is a part of our Marketing Buyer Persona PowerPoint Template.

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