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Current Project Challenges Scrum Agile
from deck Scrum Know-How Presentation Visuals (PPT diagrams)

But what about current projects?

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is discussing challenges that current projects may face, as indicated by the central question "But what about current projects?" surrounded by four circular graphics. Each graphic represents a different concept: "changing requirements," "no production," "innovative," and "customer value." These concepts suggest areas of focus or concern for ongoing projects, such as evolving project specifications, halted production, the need for innovation, or the importance of delivering customer value.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's title is in large, bold text at the top of the slide.
  • Four gray outlined circles are symmetrically distributed, with one at each corner of an imaginary larger central circle.
  • Each circle contains an icon and a label, which represent different concepts related to project management.
  • The icons include a piece of paper with the corner folded (changing requirements), a construction "no entry" symbol (no production), a light bulb (innovative), and a person with a gear and coin (customer value).
  • Curved red arrows point towards the center of the slide, suggesting interconnectivity among the concepts.
  • The red arrows contain white question marks, emphasizing uncertainty or challenges.

The slide is clean and well-organized, using a limited color palette to focus attention on the key concepts. The central placement of the arrows and question marks draws the viewer's eye to consider how these concepts are connected and impact current projects.

Use Cases

  • To kickstart a project management meeting by highlighting areas that require attention or improvement.
  • During a strategy session discussing the adaptability of current projects to changing requirements.
  • In a risk assessment meeting to discuss the potential roadblocks in a project's progress.
  • As part of an innovation workshop to identify how innovation can drive customer value and overcome production challenges.

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