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Crisis 2

Slide Content

The slide titled "Crisis 2" focuses on various crises and emergency-related concepts represented by icons. These icons include a globe on fire for global emergencies, a tornado for natural disasters, broken chains for catastrophe, a falling brick for danger, a fish skeleton for misfortune, and a virus for health dilemmas. Additionally, there are icons depicting a fractured pair relationship, a time-critical situation, floods, agriculture-related issues, and emergency healthcare services. The note "Suitable for dark background" indicates that these icons can be used effectively on darker slides, and "Fully editable" suggests that the icons can be customized.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a soft blue gradient.
  • A row of 10 outlined icons stretches across the upper portion of the slide, evenly spaced.
  • Below the row, corresponding labels describe the concept each icon represents.
  • The icons depict a variety of crisis-related themes such as the Earth on fire, a tornado, a broken chain, bricks falling, a fish skeleton, a microscopic virus, two people with a cracked connection, a stopwatch with an alert sign, flooded house, wheat stalk, and an ambulance.
  • Two large icons are showcased in green and blue circles in the bottom right, isolated from the others and labeled as "Fully editable."
  • Text on the upper part of the slide indicates it is "Suitable for dark background."

The slide is clean and minimalist, using line art for the icons that provide a clear and universal understanding of each concept related to crises and emergencies.

Use Cases

  • To visually enhance a section of a presentation that addresses various types of crises and the preparedness required.
  • As a quick reference in risk management workshops where each icon can spark discussion about a specific type of crisis.
  • In educational settings, to introduce students to the range of crises that can affect communities and businesses.
  • For use in emergency response training materials, where each icon could represent a different module or scenario to be covered.

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