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from deck Winter Holidays graphics (PPT icons)

Icons: Christmas

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Icons: Christmas" and showcases a series of hand-drawn style pictogram icons related to the holiday season. The icons include a Christmas tree decorated with stars and a bauble, individual stars in differing styles, a bauble, gifts with ribbons, and a phrase "Merry Christmas" in script font. The slide also highlights that these icons are "Fully editable shapes" and emphasizes their versatility by noting they can be placed over any background.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, white background.
  • On the left, there is a large, stylized Christmas tree icon with a star on top and decorated with smaller stars and a bauble.
  • Below the tree, there are three gift icons in blue, orange, and red, each tied with a ribbon.
  • The phrase "Merry Christmas" is written in a large, cursive font below the gift icons.
  • On the right, there is a black rectangular area with a semi-transparent red bauble and a green star icon inside it, showcasing the editable nature of the icons.
  • Each icon has a sketched, informal appearance with visible lines depicting shading and texture.

The overall look of the slide is festive and playful, with a creative visual style that gives a hand-drawn, personalized touch. The icons are colorful and engaging, and the arrangement of the elements is balanced, with enough space around each object to prevent clutter.

Use Cases

  • To enhance a company's holiday greeting presentation with festive visuals.
  • Within a marketing pitch to propose holiday-themed campaigns or promotions.
  • As part of an educational presentation about Christmas traditions and symbols.
  • In an internal company meeting to discuss holiday season planning or events.

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