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from deck Winter Holidays graphics (PPT icons)

Icons: Christmas

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Icons: Christmas" and features a collection of festive graphics that are commonly associated with the holiday season. There's a hand-drawn Christmas tree with decorative elements like a bauble and stars around it. Below the tree, there are three gifts wrapped in varying colors, accompanied by the hand-written style phrase "Merry Christmas," signifying a casual and joyous holiday message. The slide also emphasizes that these are "Fully editable shapes," and demonstrates this by displaying a Christmas ball and star icon on a dark background to show their versatility and transparency.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white, providing a clean and neutral backdrop.
  • A sketch-like Christmas tree is depicted with a casual and artistic feel, featuring scribble-style shading.
  • Hand-drawn style stars and a Christmas bauble ornament accompany the tree, contributing to the festive theme.
  • The gifts are represented by simple square shapes with ribbon illustrations and are colored in blue, golden, and red.
  • The phrase "Merry Christmas" is written in a relaxed, cursive script, enhancing the slide's informal and festive vibe.
  • An additional dark rectangle showcases the transparency of the icons, with a brightly colored bauble and star imbued with scribble textures.
  • Text specifying the icons are "Fully editable shapes" suggests adaptability for various presentation contexts.

The slide has a playful and vibrant design, effectively communicating a Christmas theme with its colorful and hand-drawn styled icons. The overall look is engaging and cheerful, well suited to encapsulating holiday spirit.

Use Cases

  • To enhance the visual appeal of a holiday-themed business presentation or promotional material.
  • For educators creating engaging content for their students about holiday traditions around Christmas.
  • As part of a marketing campaign to introduce holiday season deals or special festive offerings.
  • In company communications detailing corporate holiday events, like office parties or community service activities.

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