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To-do list for 2024

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "To-do list for 2024" details personal goals or resolutions. It features a list of four items each preceded by a green checkmark, suggesting tasks to be accomplished or habits to be adopted. "I will jog daily" implies a commitment to regular physical activity. "I will eat better, less meat" indicates a dietary goal, possibly for health or ethical reasons. "I will read motivational book a month" shows a desire for self-improvement through reading. "I will attend online training" hints at professional development or learning new skills.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background simulates a white, textured paper pad or notebook.
  • There is a realistic pen graphic placed diagonally at the top right corner of the paper pad.
  • Four green checkmarks are listed vertically on the left side of the page, each associated with one of the list items.
  • The text is a plain, sans-serif font, black for the list items, and a larger, bold font for the title.
  • There is a faint graphic of a snowflake at the bottom of the paper pad which adds a subtle decorative element to the design.

The slide has a clean and simple design, with a lifelike depiction of a paper notepad and pen. The checkmarks next to each goal provide a visually satisfying indication of tasks that could be marked as completed.

Use Cases

  • In personal development workshops, to illustrate goal-setting techniques and encourage participants to create achievable plans.
  • During corporate training sessions, when discussing time management and prioritization for professional development tasks.
  • In a team meeting, as a template for listing quarterly objectives or benchmarks for performance.
  • In educational settings, for teachers to guide students on how to set and track academic or extracurricular goals.

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