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Example of the diagrams editability
from deck Creative Company Presentation Deck (Scribble PPTX Template)

Diagrams - easy to change

Slide Content

The slide is a guide on modifying diagrams, specifically focusing on the ease of changing elements in a diagram. It highlights the ability to add, remove, and duplicate elements. It outlines that the diagrams are fully editable, including resizing while maintaining proportions. Each year from 2014 to 2018 is marked along a vertical timeline, with differently shaped callout boxes illustrating potential customization.

  • Adding or removing elements can adjust the diagram's complexity or focus.
  • Duplicating elements helps maintain consistency in design while allowing for expansion.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's background is white, providing a clean canvas for the content.
  • A dark grey vertical line runs down the center, representing a timeline with circular yellow icons denoting years from 2014 to 2018.
  • Aqua-blue callout boxes with drop shadows and directional tails are connected to the timeline, simulating a 3D effect.
  • Each callout box contains placeholder text marked by "TITLE" and a prompt for additional text.
  • Two additional callout boxes, one orange and one purple, float adjacent to the vertical line, featuring grayscale sliders to suggest adjustability.
  • An aqua-blue arrow banner extends from the right edge, emphasizing the 'Fully editable' feature with accompanying instructional text.
  • The upper-left corner contains bold, dark text stating "Add, Remove, Duplicate elements," also in a callout box design.

The slide offers a clean, professional appearance with a trend-focused design utilizing 3D effects and contrasting colors to highlight key points. The use of callout boxes and sliders gives a dynamic and interactive feel to the static presentation.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating the customization options for company timelines during a marketing presentation.
  • Training employees on how to alter company slides for specific business reports while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Presenting project milestones in a visually engaging manner in project management meetings.
  • Introducing updates to a product or service lineup over several years in investor briefings or sales pitches.

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