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Creating hand drawn label outline sketch Powerpoint
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Creating own labels - transparent

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Creating own labels - transparent" and illustrates the process of creating custom label designs using transparent elements. It showcases three stages each for building a unique label by adding a different geometric shape to a basic rectangular frame, resulting in three distinct label styles. Each of these stages is a step in combining basic shapes to create more complex and customized graphics, which can be used for various labeling needs within documents, presentations, or digital platforms.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background.
  • The title is placed at the top of the slide using dark text.
  • There are three sets of images arranged horizontally across the slide.
  • Each set features a rectangular frame with scribbled borders.
  • In the center of each set, there is a plus sign indicating addition.
  • Each set includes a geometric shape to the right of the plus sign: a triangle, an inverted triangle, or a chevron.
  • The result of adding the geometric shape to the frame appears as a composite label on the right side.
  • The shapes are created with a sketch-like, hand-drawn aesthetic.
  • All elements on the slide are in different shades of blue, providing a monochromatic theme.

The overall look is minimalist and educational, using simple shapes to convey the process of design layering. The hand-drawn style of the icons adds an informal, creative touch to the slide.

Use Cases

  • Teaching a workshop or class about basic graphic design principles and how to create simple yet effective visual elements.
  • Demonstrating the process of brand identity creation, specifically how to design unique labels or logos, in a marketing presentation.
  • Providing a visual aid during a team meeting discussing the redesign of packaging and labeling for a company's product line.
  • Illustrating the combination of shapes to build more intricate designs in an instructional presentation for a DIY project or craft activity.

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