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Corporate Values With Categories Slide

Corporate values are the guiding principles and beliefs that govern a company's behavior and decision-making. These values typically include qualities such as integrity, excellence, innovation, and teamwork. Corporate values often fall into different categories, such as ethical, cultural, and performance. The Corporate Values With Categories Slide is a visual PowerPoint template of corporate values, organized into different categories to help make the values more clear and more understandable for your audience. This type of slide is often used in presentations to employees, customers, or other stakeholders to provide a clear overview of the company's values and how they guide the company's actions.

What Does This Corporate Values PowerPoint Template Include?

  • Blue and purple teardrop diagrams with various icons for the categories.
  • Icons: Pin, calendar, dialogue, shop, caring, scale, sustainability, windmill
  • Categories: Goal-oriented, long-term, renewable resources, sincerity, sustainability, local market support, business ethics, caring.
  • White background.

This Corporate Values With Categories slide is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Diagrams PowerPoint Template.

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