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Carroll’s Model of Corporate Responsibility Diagram

Carroll's model of corporate responsibility, also known as the pyramid of corporate social responsibility, is a framework that categorizes the various aspects of corporate responsibility into four levels. These levels are economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities. According to this model, a company's economic responsibilities are its primary concern, and these responsibilities should be fulfilled in order to ensure the company's survival and success. Legal responsibilities are the minimum requirements set by laws and regulations. Ethical responsibilities are those that go beyond legal requirements and reflect social expectations and norms. Philanthropic responsibilities are those that reflect a company's desire to give back to the community and improve the quality of life for stakeholders. This presentation template highlights all of these levels with a colorful pyramid diagram with 4 sections, each with different colors to create a modern look.

What Does This Carroll’s Model of Corporate Responsibility Slide Include?

  • Pyramid diagram with purple, dark blue, azure, and light blue sections.
  • Icons: Holding person, communication, judge’s gavel, a person with dollar tag.
  • Philanthropic responsibility, ethical responsibility, legal responsibility, and economic responsibility categories.
  • Text boxes for categories and commentary section.
  • White background.

This Carroll’s Model of Corporate Responsibility slide is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Diagrams PowerPoint Template.

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