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Content of the Flowcharts Diagram Toolbox - 3 styles
from deck Flow Chart Template for Process and Algorithm with Creative Infographics

Content of the Flowcharts Diagram Toolbox

Slide Content

The slide is focused on enhancing the visual appeal of flowcharts, providing options to customize with three distinct styles. Each style is exemplified by icons and elements representing flowchart components. First, the "Flat style graphics" is labeled as universal and adaptable to all styling needs. Next, the "Outline graphics" are characterized as light and modern, suggesting a fresher approach. Lastly, the "Hand drawn scribble" style is described as unique and personal, possibly implying a more creative or informal touch.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a white gradient which enhances content visibility.
  • A large green banner at the top contains the slide title in white uppercase font.
  • A smaller, dark teal banner with a directional fold presents the subtitle, contrasting with the white text.
  • Three distinct sections arranged horizontally, each showcasing a different flowchart style through colored icons and sample elements.
  • The left section features colored icons with flat designs representing "Flat style graphics."
  • The middle section contains dashed outline icons and elements for "Outline graphics."
  • The right section presents icons with a scribble-like texture, depicting "Hand drawn scribble" style.
  • Each section is accompanied by a colored label at the bottom with corresponding text descriptions.
  • Thumbs-up icons in matching colors are present at the left side of each label, indicating approval or recommendation.

The slide has a clean, professional look with a well-structured layout that clearly categorizes each flowchart style. The use of colors and distinct icons helps in distinguishing between the three styles offered.

Use Cases

  • To demonstrate different visual approaches for flowchart design in a business presentation.
  • When providing a tutorial or training on how to create effective and visually appealing flowcharts.
  • In a sales pitch for diagram creation software, showcasing the versatility of styles available to potential clients.
  • During project management meetings where visual process mapping is discussed, giving teams options to represent their workflows. I cannot provide real-time assistance with images. If you have any questions or need information, feel free to ask!

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