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Content creation

Slide Content

The slide is about "Content creation" and consists of three main concepts: 'Add / new content,' 'Delete,' and 'Edit.' The 'Add / new content' signifies the process of introducing new material or information. 'Delete' represents the removal of unnecessary or unwanted content. 'Edit' indicates making changes to existing material to update, correct, or improve it. The slide also shows versions of icons that are visible on dark backgrounds, suggesting adaptability for different presentation designs.

Graphical Look

  • Title "Content creation" at the top of the slide in bold, large font.
  • Three main graphical icons arranged horizontally, each within a blue circle.
  • A plus sign icon represents adding or creating new content.
  • A trash bin icon symbolizes the deletion of content.
  • A pencil icon indicates editing or modifying content.
  • Text labels under each icon describe their respective actions.
  • Two sets of the same icons appear in a smaller size, both in regular and 'Dark backgrounds versions.'
  • A visual annotation in the bottom right corner highlights the icons' adaptability with the text "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema."

The slide has a clean and professional look with a minimalist design emphasizing functionality through the use of universally recognized icons. The color scheme is a combination of dark blue, white, and light blue, which maintains a corporate and straightforward aesthetic.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the steps or functionalities used in a content management system during a product demonstration.
  • In training and instructional materials to explain the various content operations that users can perform.
  • As part of a strategy presentation to discuss content marketing tactics, emphasizing creation, curation, and editing.
  • To guide discussions on website or app development with a focus on user interface design regarding content manipulation tools.

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