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from deck Problem-Solving Meeting Template (PPT graphics)


Slide Content

The slide provides contact information for a person named James Smith. James Smith's title and the name of the company are placeholders for the actual information. A website URL and an email address are also given, using the company's domain as a placeholder. This slide is typically used as a formal way to present contact details in a professional setting, making sure the audience knows how to reach the presenter or the person in question after the presentation.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark-toned background with what seems to be a blurred image of a person typing on a laptop keyboard, suggesting a business or professional work setting.
  • A large, prominent ribbon at the top has the word "Contact" in white text, which serves as the title of the slide.
  • Two teal-colored rectangular shapes with pointed corners serve as background for the name "James Smith" and the contact details listed below.
  • White text is used for the name, title, website, and email, providing a clear contrast against the teal background and making the text readable.
  • The chevron shapes on both sides of the ribbon add a visual appeal to the design and indicate direction or focus toward the content.
  • There are no additional graphics, icons, or visual elements to distract from the contact information.

The overall design of the slide is sleek and modern, with a clear emphasis on the contact information. The dark background with blurred photography adds a sense of professionalism and focuses the viewer's attention on the brightly colored text boxes.

Use Cases

  • To conclude a business or academic presentation by providing the speaker's contact details.
  • In a networking event slide deck, where participants' contact information is displayed.
  • During a webinar or virtual conference, to facilitate follow-up communication with attendees.
  • In a pitch deck for potential investors or partners, providing them with direct contact information for further discussions.

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