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This PowerPoint slide is designed to provide contact information, ostensibly for a business or organization. It contains a stylized graphic representing an email address (, a phone number (+44 0000 000000), and a website URL ( Each contact method is meant to offer a different channel for reaching the organization, covering digital communication through email, direct verbal communication via phone, and self-service information by visiting the website.

Graphical Look

  • A large arrow-shaped banner with a diagonal striped pattern serves as the slide's title area and contains the words "Contact us" in a bold, white font.
  • To the right of the arrow-shaped banner is an icon of a hand cursor clicking on a button, symbolizing action or choice.
  • The text providing contact details is presented in a clean, black font against a plain white background for optimal readability.
  • Three lines of text are neatly aligned below the banner, separated by bullet points for clarity.
  • Each line of text is prefixed with a corresponding icon – an envelope for email, a phone for the telephone number, and a globe for the website URL.
  • The icons are matched in style, with a hand-drawn, sketched look and soft blue and gray coloring.

The overall design is minimalistic with a clear focus on conveying contact information. The use of icons next to each contact detail makes it visually engaging and easily identifiable.

Use Cases

  • At the end of business presentations to provide contact details for follow-up questions or further discussions.
  • Within marketing materials to guide potential clients or partners on how to reach the company.
  • On informational slides at trade shows or conferences to help attendees connect with the company representatives.
  • Embedded in webinars or online presentations as a final slide, offering viewers a way to get in touch.

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