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Business Concept Icons: Real Estate, Product Logistics, Food, People ...

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Business Concept Icons" and lists several themes for icons, such as Real Estate, Product Logistics, Food, and People, suggesting it's part of a larger bundle (Update no.4). Real Estate might include icons for buildings or property, Product Logistics could cover transportation and supply chain imagery, Food may feature icons of edibles and culinary tools, while People icons might represent various human activities or professions.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a plain, light gradient blue color.
  • A dark blue ribbon banner runs across the slide horizontally and contains the title text.
  • The title text "Business Concept Icons:" is large, white, and centered on the ribbon, creating strong contrast.
  • Secondary text listing the icon themes appears below the main title in smaller white font.
  • An arrow shape cuts in from the right side of the slide, pointing to the text, and shares the same dark blue color as the banner.
  • The overall color scheme is composed of varying shades of blue, creating a cohesive and professional appearance.

The slide has a minimalistic and modern look with a blue color scheme that gives a professional and clean visual impact.

Use Cases

  • Introducing a new set of icons in a corporate presentation to show available resources for branding and design.
  • Demonstrating the variety of topics covered by a company's graphic assets during a marketing strategy meeting.
  • Providing an overview of themed icons in a web design or UX/UI design workshop.
  • Showcasing updates to icon libraries in a project status update or product development meeting.

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