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Company management structure with icons to each department and position
from deck Company Roles and Department Structure Outline Icons (PPT clipart)

Company management structure

Slide Content

The slide presents a hierarchical outline of a company's management structure, beginning with the board of directors at the top, signifying oversight and authority. Directly beneath is the CEO, representing the highest executive leadership role. Below the CEO are other key executive positions: CFO (Chief Financial Officer) handling finance and accounting, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) overseeing sales and marketing, CPO (Chief Production Officer) responsible for development and production, COO (Chief Operating Officer) managing IT and administration, and CLO (Chief Legal Officer) in charge of legal and compliance matters. Each role is crucial for different segments of the company's operations.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a salmon-colored header with the title "Company management structure".
  • Below the header, "BOARD OF DIRECTORS" is written in uppercase letters on a light salmon background.
  • The CEO is represented by an orange circle with an icon of a person inside, linked to the board of directors by a dashed line.
  • Below the CEO is a horizontal dashed line, branching off to six different columns, each representing a key executive role with corresponding icons and two areas of responsibility.
  • The CFO column is pink, the CMO is yellow, the CPO is green, the COO is blue, and the CLO is greenish-yellow. Each column includes distinct icons suggestive of their roles—such as a safe for the CFO and a gavel for the CLO.
  • The slide uses flat design icons and a clean, color-coordinated layout to differentiate the management roles without any additional design elements.

The slide features a clear hierarchy displayed through color-coded columns and icons, providing an instantly recognizable structure of senior company roles. Its uncluttered layout with defined areas for each executive position facilitates easy understanding and visually guides the viewer through the organizational hierarchy.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the corporate structure to new employees as part of an onboarding process.
  • Illustr ating the company's leadership during stakeholder meetings or investor presentations to showcase governance and operational oversight.
  • Utilizing in management training materials to explain the various roles and responsibilities within the company.
  • Providing a clear organizational chart in annual reports to give shareholders an understanding of the company's management hierarchy.

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