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Company guidelines response to Covid-19 disease threat list
from deck Coronavirus Protection Actions Graphics (PPT Template)

Company Guidelines Response to Covid-19 Disease Threat

Slide Content

The slide presents a list of guidelines for company response to the Covid-19 threat. "Stay informed" suggests monitoring health organization websites for updates. "Awareness-raising campaigns" implies initiatives to educate staff about the virus. "Intensify hygiene in company" indicates stricter health and cleanliness measures. "Reduce overcrowding situations" advocates for fewer in-person gatherings. "Support remote work" promotes the adoption of work-from-home practices. "Avoid travels" advises against visiting high-risk areas, and "Ensure trust and open information sharing" encourages transparent communication regarding the pandemic.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a solid white background with a list of guidelines on the left side.
  • Each guideline is accompanied by a different colored dot and connector line to distinguish them.
  • The slide uses varying shades of teal and purple to color code and emphasize items.
  • A large grey circle on the right contains a stylized icon symbolizing protection or safety measures.
  • The style of the graphics is minimalist and includes flat design icons and simple geometric shapes.
  • The title is in a larger bold font at the top left corner, indicating its importance.

The slide is clean and modern, with a simple color scheme that aids readability. The iconography adds a visual element that reinforces the theme of health and safety.

Use Cases

  • To provide employees with a clear understanding of company policies regarding health crises.
  • During a health and safety training or workshop to illustrate preventive measures.
  • In management meetings when discussing business continuity plans during pandemics.
  • As part of an internal communication strategy to keep staff informed about best practices.

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