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Company Portfolio PPT Slide
from deck Status Review Meeting Template (PPT graphics)

Company Portfolio PPT Slide Content

This slide shows your company portfolio or the main company facts, such as revenue, products shipped/sold, market share, profit, partners, and employment. We have added representative icons to make the presentation look more simplified and easier to grasp. Just update the figures and your slide is ready to be presented. Avoid grid tables or boring long lists for presenting such topics as they look quite boring and unengaging. All the shapes are vectors, so you can customize them as you find fit. You can download the slide in Google Slides and Keynote too. Click on the picture to see the whole Status Review Meeting PowerPoint Template for more ideas.

Company Portfolio PPT Slide Infographics

Flat Style Outline Icons, Money Bag Icon, 3D Box Icon, Pie Chart Icon, Profit Icon, Handshake Icon, Staff Icon, Color Coding

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