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Slide Content

The slide titled "COMPETITION COMPARISON" shows a comparative analysis between six products, labeled Product alpha to Product zeta. Features and prices are listed down the left column. Each feature, such as "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet" and "Nulla nec condimentum nunc," is paired with an indication of whether it is available (✔) or not (✖) in each respective product. Numerical values or grades, like "200" or "A+," provide additional comparative metrics. The final row compares prices, showing a range from $60 to $160.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a bold title in white text against a dark background with an orange accent line below.
  • There is a horizontal layout with six columns under the product headers with alternating colors for easy differentiation.
  • Checkmark (✔) and cross (✖) icons are used to depict the presence or absence of each feature in the products.
  • Grades are represented by capital letters A+ to B-, and numbers "200," "150," "100," "50," based on the assessment of each feature.
  • Price is prominently displayed below each product in a contrasting colored rectangle.

Overall, the slide employs a clean and structured design with the use of icons, colors, and text to facilitate quick comparison. The choice of color coding for each product aids in maintaining clarity and focus.

Use Cases

  • To present market research illustrating how a company's product stacks up against competitors.
  • During shareholder meetings to showcase the competitive edge of the company's product lineup.
  • For internal strategy discussions on product development, simplifying strengths and weaknesses analysis.
  • In sales pitches to potential clients to underscore the unique selling propositions and affordability of the products.

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