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Outline gears illustration intended to illustrate three steps process
from deck Process Gears & Cogs Template (PPT Diagrams)

Three Steps with Outlined Gears Illustration

Slide Content

The slide presents a three-step process, each step associated with a gear, symbolizing interconnectivity and progression. The gears appear to have icons within them—a lightbulb, a document, and a cursor, indicating different stages like ideation, documentation, and execution. Each step has text placeholders for a detailed description, allowing for an expansion on concepts like innovation (lightbulb for new ideas), planning or analysis (document for strategies or data), and implementation (cursor for action or navigation).

Graphical Look

  • A bold title in a large font size at the top.
  • Three large gray outlines of interlocking gears positioned horizontally across the slide.
  • Inside each gear, there's a smaller, solid icon:
  • A lightbulb in the first gear suggesting creativity or an idea.
  • A document in the second gear indicating record-keeping or analysis.
  • A cursor in the third gear referencing action or selection.
  • Text blocks with bullet points next to each gear for additional information.
  • Horizontal colored bars serve as bullet points, with matching colors to the icons.
  • The slide background is light, with a subtle gradient effect.

The slide utilizes a clean and professional design with a balance between graphical elements and text placeholders. The use of gears and distinct icons within them conveys a mechanical or systematic approach to a process or strategy.

Use Cases

  • Outlining steps in a strategic business plan during a company meeting.
  • Presenting phases of a project during a project management workshop.
  • Using in training materials to describe a process flow or procedure.
  • Showcasing sequences of operations in a product development cycle to investors or stakeholders.

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