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Climate OKR Icons Set – Weather
from deck Climate OKR Action Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

Climate OKR Icons Set — Weather

Slide Content: The slide is titled "Climate OKR Icons Set — Weather" and illustrates a collection of fully editable icons related to various weather conditions and environmental factors. These icons represent Sun, Wind, Tornado, Extreme Weather Events, Water, Rain, Heat, Cold, Agriculture, Crops, Cow, Cattle, Coal, Green Cement, Warehouse, Storage, Production, and People Migration. Each icon visually symbolizes a different aspect of weather and climate-related themes, providing a visual aid for environmental and climate-related presentations.

Graphical Look:

  • The background is split diagonally, top half light grey and bottom half dark grey with a chevron pattern.
  • Title text in the upper left with a large, bold, sans-serif font.
  • A lighter rectangle behind the title for emphasis.
  • A row of stylized, minimalistic weather and environmental icons in the middle, in two tones of blue.
  • A highlighted icon on the right in a circular turquoise outline.
  • A rectangular call-to-action box in the bottom right corner with a URL.
  • The company logo and URL are at the bottom of the slide, separately on each side.

The slide has a modern, clean aesthetic with harmonious use of blue hues for the icons, which contrasts against the grey background. The design utilizes a flat, minimalistic style which aids in focusing attention on the key elements without unnecessary distractions.

Use Cases:

  • Presenting climate-related objectives and key results in a business strategy meeting.
  • Illustrating environmental impacts in various sectors, such as agriculture or energy, in a corporate presentation.
  • Enhancing educational materials about climate change and weather phenomena.
  • Utilizing as visual aids in discussions about sustainability initiatives or reporting on environmental metrics.

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