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Climate Change, Prevention Icons
from deck Outline Business Icons for infographics (PPT vector symbols)

Climate Change, Prevention Icons

Slide Content: This PowerPoint slide is titled "Climate Change, Prevention Icons" and lists various concepts related to the topic, each paired with a corresponding icon. Concepts include "Carbon Dioxide" (the main greenhouse gas contributing to climate change), "CCS" (Carbon Capture and Storage, a tech to trap and store CO2), "Carbon Capture, Storage" (processes to help mitigate global warming), "Decreasing/Cutting Emissions" (reducing the output of greenhouse gases), "CH4, Methane" (a potent greenhouse gas), "Particles" (aerosols affecting climate), "CO2 Footprint" (measure of CO2 emissions caused by an individual or activity), "Greenhouse Gases" (gases that trap heat in the atmosphere), and "Zero Emission Policy" (aimed at eliminating greenhouse gas emissions).

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided with dark gray on the right and white on the left.
  • There are nine icons evenly distributed in three rows and three columns on the white section.
  • Each icon is a simplified, stylized representation of the corresponding climate change concept.
  • The icons are primarily in a teal color, with one additional icon color variation in white and yellow each on the dark gray side to demonstrate editability.
  • The icons feature elements like, a plant inside a gear representing the cycle of carbon, an arrow indicating reduction, and simplistic depictions of molecules for gases such as CO2 and CH4.
  • The text is in a bold sans-serif font, with the title in a larger size than the descriptive terms below the icons.
  • The term "Fully editable" is placed on the upper right in the gray area, and another text "Suitable for dark background" is located at the bottom right.

The overall look of the slide is modern and informational, with a clean design that facilitates easy comprehension of the icons and their associated terms. The contrast between the light and dark areas highlights the adaptability of the icons for different background colors.

Use Cases:

  • To introduce the topic of climate change and its prevention in corporate sustainability presentations.
  • For educational slides in a lecture or workshop about environmental science and greenhouse gas mitigation strategies.
  • In a business proposal or report showcasing a company's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.
  • During policy advocacy meetings or conferences, to illustrate key points in discussions on implementing zero-emission policies.

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