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Example of the target client characteristics slide
from deck Marketing Buyer Persona (PPT Template)

Target Client Characteristics (4 items with outline icons)

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide is titled "Target Client Characteristics" and divided into four quadrants outlining the demographics, background, goals & needs, and technology profile of a target client named Nina Jackson. The demographics section includes age, gender, personality, location, occupation, position, status, and income, providing a detailed profile of the individual. The background section awaits textual input, while the goals & needs section has bullet points for further detail. The technology section showcases icons representing IT & Internet, software, mobile, and social networks, illustrating the client's technological engagement.

Graphical Look

  • The slide's title is prominently placed at the top in a large teal font.
  • A central circular graphic divides the slide into quadrants, with each quadrant having a distinct color and icon.
  • The first quadrant, "Demographics," features a pencil icon and a list of personal attributes in a mustard-colored text box.
  • The second quadrant, "Background," has a blue speech bubble icon and a text box for input with placeholder text.
  • The third quadrant, "Goals & Needs," is green with a target-like icon and four bullet points for customizable text.
  • The fourth quadrant, "Technology," is purple with computer and social media icons, indicating various technological platforms.

The overall look of the slide is clean, professional, with a good balance of text, color, and icons to present a coherent visual summary of target client characteristics.

Use Cases

  • To provide a snapshot of a customer persona for marketing strategy meetings.
  • As part of a sales presentation to illustrate the profile of an ideal client.
  • In product development discussions to align features with customer needs and technology use.
  • During a workshop or seminar on customer profiling or market segmentation to give a visual example.

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