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Circular List Template in color for placing 3 items, with icons
from deck Infographics Circle Strip Lists Template (flat PPT Diagrams)

Flat Strip List – 3 items, with icons, colorful

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Flat Strip List – 3 items, with icons, colorful" presents a template design that can be used for listing information in a visually appealing manner. Each of the three items has a distinct icon and color: the first one features an icon representing a person in a purple circle, denoting perhaps user information; the second has a thumbs-up icon in an orange circle, likely indicating approval or success; and the third showcases a magnifying glass icon in a green circle, suggesting search or analysis.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean white background which contributes to its crisp and modern appearance.
  • At the top, the title is in bold, contrasting with the background and clearly defining the slide's purpose.
  • Three horizontal strip elements are arranged vertically, each featuring an icon on the left with a large circle background and text areas to the right.
  • The icons are simple and easily recognizable, each placed within a colored circle – purple, orange, and green respectively, corresponding with the text area's color scheme.
  • The text areas adjacent to each icon have an arrowhead-like shape, pointing towards the icons, which could imply a connection or direction.
  • Each text area is filled with placeholder text, indicating where custom content can be added.

The slide is visually balanced, with bright colors drawing attention to each section. The use of icons with corresponding color blocks not only adds to the visual impact but also helps in quickly conveying the context of each item.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a step-by-step process or sequence of actions in a business presentation.
  • Highlighting key features or benefits of a product or service in a marketing pitch.
  • Summarizing important points or takeaways from a report or analysis.
  • Categorizing information into distinct themes during an educational session or workshop.

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