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Circular chevron ring diagram
from deck Cycle Diagrams & Wheel Charts (PPT Graphics)

Circular Chevron Ring

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Circular Chevron Ring" depicts a cyclical process with six stages, each marked by a chevron segment and connected by lines to a central icon of a diamond. Each segment has placeholder text "Sample text here," suggestive of editable fields to describe each step or phase. The cyclical nature symbolizes processes or workflows that are ongoing or repetitive, where the end of the last stage feeds back into the first.

Graphical Look

  • The title of the slide, "Circular Chevron Ring," is displayed at the top in large, bold font.
  • In the center, there is a large diamond-shaped icon symbolizing the focal point or goal.
  • Around this central icon, there is a circular arrangement of six chevron-shaped segments in various colors (blue, green, teal, and purple).
  • Each segment is connected to the central icon by a line, each line terminating in a circle that intersects with the segments.
  • Each segment is associated with a text box containing the placeholder "Sample text here".
  • The chevron segments and connecting lines create a flow that leads the viewer's eye in a circular motion, emphasizing the cycle or process.

The slide has a clean, professional layout, with vibrant colors and well-defined shapes that guide the viewer through a process or series of steps. The central icon and circular flow provide a clear focal point.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate a continuous cycle, such as quality improvement processes or product development cycles in a business presentation.
  • For explaining a business model that relies on stages or phases that are part of a loop, like customer feedback loops or iterative design processes.
  • To represent steps in a marketing strategy or sales funnel where each step feeds into the next.
  • During a training session, to showcase stages of corporate training and development programs that are ongoing.

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