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Checklist with 6 Elements to Fill in with Own Notes
from deck To Do Presentation Checklist Graphics (PPT Template)

Checklist with 6 Elements to Fill in with Own Notes

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Checklist with 6 Elements to Fill in with Own Notes" is designed for users to add their custom information. It presents a simple checklist format with two columns: the left side with green checkmarks for items that are seemingly approved or completed, and the right side with red crosses likely representing items that need attention or are incomplete. Each checklist element has a header and a space to add a description or notes.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a subtle grey overlay on the bottom left corner.
  • On the top left, there's a graphical representation of a clipboard with a checklist.
  • There are six hexagonal icons aligned in two vertical columns of three each.
  • The three icons on the left column are green with a checkmark symbol, suggesting positive or complete items.
  • The three icons on the right column are red with an 'X' symbol, indicating negative or incomplete items.
  • Each icon is paired with a grey text box that contains placeholder text for a header and additional description.

The slide is structured and balanced, using contrasting colors to distinguish between two categories of checklist items. The hexagonal shape adds a modern touch to the icons, and the colors are used effectively to convey the status of checklist items.

Use Cases

  • Recording meeting action items, differentiating between completed tasks (green checkmarks) and pending issues (red crosses).
  • Project management presentations, to clearly show tasks that have been finished and those still requiring attention.
  • Prioritizing tasks during team briefings, where team members can add notes to existing items.
  • Performance reviews to highlight strengths (green checks) and areas for improvement (red crosses).

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