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Handdrawn Chart Markers editable colors
from deck Flat Data-Driven Presentation Charts (PPT template)

Handdrawn Chart Markers

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Handdrawn Chart Markers" and is intended to showcase graphic elements used to highlight, underline, or encircle data in presentations. The slide content hints at the utility of these markers - they are not just visual flairs but purposeful tools to direct an audience's attention to key points or data. The markers are described as fully editable, which means that they can be customized to fit the specific needs or color scheme of the presentation they are to be used in.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a white and deep teal color scheme.
  • The title "Handdrawn Chart Markers" is prominently displayed in large, bold, dark text at the top.
  • A subtitle "to Highlight, Underline, Encircle Data" in a smaller font size is placed below the title.
  • A variety of sketched marker shapes are displayed: rectangles, ovals, and lines with different brush effects.
  • To the right, there is a contrasting section with a dark background showing colored versions of the markers in orange, yellow, and green.
  • A stylized "pen" icon with two blue lines is present towards the left, serving as a visual metaphor for drawing or marking.
  • Several arrows are shown, suggesting direction, movement, or connections, and they appear hand-drawn to match the markers' style.

The overall look is sleek and modern with a creative twist provided by the hand-drawn effect of the markers. The slide's design balances whitespace and graphical elements effectively, ensuring a clean and uncluttered visual appeal.

Use Cases

  • To enhance engagement during a business presentation by visually highlighting critical information.
  • In educational workshops to teach effective data presentation techniques using visual aids.
  • As part of a marketing presentation to underscore key benefits or unique selling points of a product.
  • Within organizational meetings to facilitate discussion by drawing attention to performance metrics or goals.

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