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Template intended to show channels that illustrated with post-it note
from deck Business Model Canvas Template (PPT graphics)

Channels SLide Layout

Slide Content:

The slide addresses "Channels," a segment of the Business Model Canvas that specifies how a company communicates with and delivers value to its customer segments. These channels can include various means of distribution and marketing, such as websites, physical stores, or direct sales. The placeholder notes are for detailing the channels used by the company, how they are integrated into customers' routines, and their efficiency in terms of cost and customer experience.

Graphical Look:

  • An icon with three arrows pointing in different directions, symbolizes the various channels through which a company reaches customers
  • Three yellow sticky note graphics with drop shadows, suggesting places to input descriptions
  • The slide background is a light gray color

The design employs a straightforward layout that emphasizes where input is needed, with a color scheme and icons that are visually indicative of the section's focus on distribution paths.

Use Cases:

  • Marketing strategy meetings to outline and discuss the effectiveness of different communication channels.
  • Sales team briefings to review the channels most effective in reaching target customers.
  • Workshops for startups to brainstorm potential channels for product or service delivery.
  • Business model review sessions to assess and optimize the mix of channels being used.

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