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Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is designed to present a specific challenge or problem. It offers a space for the title of the challenge at the top, and a detailed description is to be placed in the designated area. The slide leverages a visual representation in the form of a network with question marks, symbolizing the complexity and interconnected aspects of the issue at hand. This visual aid is potentially useful for breaking down the challenge into sub-components and prompting an in-depth discussion.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a wide banner at the top with a ribbon shape in a shade of blue.
  • "Write your challenge title here" is the placeholder text for the title, centered within the blue ribbon banner.
  • A vertical light gray rectangle on the left side contains placeholder text "Description of your problem / challenge goes here," intended for a detailed description of the issue.
  • On the right side, there is a graphic comprising a central circle linked to six surrounding nodes, each with a question mark, forming a sort of diagram or network.
  • The slide background is white which contrasts with the blue and gray elements and helps in maintaining visual clarity.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, employing a limited color palette to direct attention towards the content. The use of shapes and icons is minimalistic, fostering an environment conducive to focus and discussion.

Use Cases

  • To define and explore a complex problem during a business strategy meeting.
  • As part of a brainstorming session to address a specific challenge in project management.
  • When presenting to stakeholders to highlight key issues and engage in solution-finding conversations.
  • In educational settings, such as workshops or seminars, to introduce case study challenges.

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