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5 Pillars of Business Responsibilities (PPT Template) - infoDiagram
from deck Corporate Social Responsibility Diagrams (PPT Template)

5 Pillars of Business Responsibilities Diagram

You can use the five pillars of business responsibility as a framework for your presentation to talk about the company's social and ethical responsibilities. There are 5 pillars referring to different categories: Philanthropy, sustainability, equality, fairness, and transparency. The exact components of the framework may vary, but the five pillars are commonly included with similar categories. The goal of the framework is to help businesses understand how their actions impact different stakeholders and the environment and to encourage them to make decisions that are socially and environmentally responsible. In this case, the template is a helpful graphical tool to visualize the framework in an engaging way.

What Does This 5 Pillars of Business Responsibilities Slide Include?

  • Pillars diagram with 5 colored pillars for each business responsibility component and a triangle roof with the company name.
  • Purple, dark blue, azure, green, and dark blue pillars numbered from 1 to 5.
  • White background.

This 5 Pillars of Business Responsibilities slide is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Diagrams PowerPoint Template.

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