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Example of the Canvas diagram on light background and outline icons
from deck Business Model Canvas Template (PPT graphics)

Business Model Canvas

Slide Content:

The slide presents a Business Model Canvas, a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models. It's divided into nine segments: Key Partners (who help make the business work), Key Activities (what the company does to deliver value), Value Propositions (the products or services that create value for customers), Customer Relationships (how the company interacts with customers), Customer Segments (the different groups of people or organizations the business aims to reach), Channels (how the company communicates with and reaches its customer segments), Revenue Streams (the company's income from value propositions), Cost Structure (the costs involved in operating the business), and Key Resources (the most important assets required to make the business model work).

Graphical Look:

  • Light monochrome color scheme
  • Nine editable blocks with icons representing different business model elements
  • Icons include interlinked figures for "Key Partners," gear for "Key Activities," diamond for "Value Propositions," two figures in dialogue for "Customer Relationships," segmented figure for "Customer Segments," arrows pointing outward for "Channels," piggy bank for "Revenue Streams," and factory for "Cost Structure"
  • Blue banners on the left side of each block for titles

The slide has a clean, professional design with a consistent use of icons and color to visually separate different sections. The layout is balanced and easy to follow, inviting users to fill in details for each part of the business model.

Use Cases:

  • Strategic planning sessions to outline or refine a company's business model.
  • Entrepreneurship workshops or classes where participants learn about business model components.
  • Pitch presentations to investors or stakeholders to explain a business's structure and approach.
  • Internal company meetings to align different departments on the business strategy.

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