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Business model description
from deck Pitch Presentation Investor Deck Template

Business model

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Business model" and appears to depict the flow of a basic business model structure. On one side, there is a representation of "Your team, partners...", which suggests the input side of the business comprising of the workforce and stakeholders. It is connected via an arrow to "Your product", signifying what the business is offering to the market. Another arrow connects the product to "Customers", indicating those who receive the output, labeled with examples such as "kids, writers, ...".

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, minimalist design with a grey background and black and grey text.
  • There are three main textual elements: "Your team, partners...", "Your product", and "Customers".
  • Each textual element is accompanied by a simple icon: a figure with a gear for "Your team", a blank, rectangle representing "Your product", and figures of varying heights for "Customers".
  • Two curved arrows show the flow from "Your team" to "Your product" and from "Your product" to "Customers".
  • The font used for the main elements is sans-serif, which contributes to modern and clean aesthetics.

The overall look of the slide is professional and straightforward, with a focus on clarity and flow. The visual elements are designed to convey the relationships between different components of the business model quickly.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept of a business model in an entrepreneurial workshop or educational setting.
  • During investor presentations to illustrate how a company creates and delivers value.
  • In internal company meetings when discussing the operational flow and how different teams contribute to the final product.
  • As a framework during strategic planning sessions to identify areas for improvement or expansion within the business model.

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