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Business Model Canvas on a Dark Background and Outline Symbols - PPT Editable Template
from deck Business Model Canvas Template (PPT graphics)

Slide structure:

This is a business model canvas slide template presented with the nine building blocks. Inside the slide are grey sticky notes with a blue frame placed for in-text description.

Key partners - to reduce the risks and optimize operations, the organizations focus on partnerships, such as jointed ventures, and strategic alliances between competitors and non-competitors.

Key activities - the most important activity for a company is the value proposition.

Key resources - human, financial, physical, and intellectual resources for creating value for the customer.

Value proposition - what is your UPS that makes you competitive, is it quantitative - price and efficiency, or qualitative - overall customer experience and outcome.

Channels - an effective distribution channel for the product or service to be delivered just in time.

Customer relationships - personal assistance, dedicated personal assistance, self-service, automated services, communities, and co-creation.

Customer segments - detect your customer in the mass market, niche market, segmentation, diversity, and multi-sided platform/market.

Cost structure - the monetary consequences while operating under different business models.

Revenue streams - how a company makes income from each customer segment.

PowerPoint Graphics:

Black Background Slide with Square Shaped Sticky Notes, Rectangular Shaped Sticky Notes, White Outline Icons Transparent through Text

Gear Icon presenting Activities, Diamond Icon for Value Proposition, Flat Arrow Icons presenting Channels, Man and Woman Icon for Partners and Customers, Money Bag Icon presenting Cost and Revenue

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