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Business milestones
from deck Pitch Presentation Investor Deck Template


Slide Content

The slide titled "Milestones" visualizes a company's progress and targets through five key stages of development: prototype, first clients, returning clients, wider scope, and becoming profitable. Each milestone has associated status, goals, timelines, and financials. "1: prototype" and "2: first clients" are marked done, with earlier dates and initial costs, while "3: returning clients" shows progress and "4: wider scope" and "5: profitable" are yet to be done, indicating planned future growth and profitability targets.

Graphical Look

  • Title "Milestones" at the top of the slide in large, bold font.
  • Five columns beneath the title, each representing a milestone, with a header containing the milestone number and name.
  • Each column header has a unique sequential number (1-5) and a descriptive term related to business development stages.
  • The columns are color-coded: 'Done' milestones are in blue, 'In progress' in gray, and 'To do' in a lighter gray shade.
  • The columns are divided into rows with labels: Status, Goals, Time, and Gross Burn cumul. Each label has corresponding content right below.
  • Icons placed in the upper-right corner of 'Done' milestones represent completion, while the other milestones have no icons.
  • The rows contain text and numbers, providing details such as the achievement status ("Done," "In progress," "To do"), objectives (like "1 paying client"), timeframes (e.g., "Sep 20XX"), and financial information (e.g., "$10,000").
  • The font of the text within the table is smaller than the title but clearly legible, maintaining a professional look.

The overall look of the slide is clean and structured, conveying the information through a straightforward tabular layout. The color-coding and icons effectively differentiate between completed, ongoing, and future milestones.

Use Cases

  • To present a company's progress report to investors, highlighting completed objectives and future plans.
  • During strategy meetings to align team members with the current status and next steps of organisational milestones.
  • In pitch presentations to potential partners or clients, demonstrating the company's growth trajectory and achievements.
  • For internal review and planning, allowing management to assess performance against set goals and timelines.

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