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Business milestones
from deck Pitch Presentation Investor Deck Template


Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Milestones" details a five-stage development process for a project or a company. Each milestone includes the status of completion, specific goals, the time frame, and the cumulative gross burn. "1: prototype" and "2: 1st clients" milestones are marked as done, with goals of "1 paying client" and "Done," respectively. "3: returning clients" is in progress, aiming for one returning client and a certain number of page visits. "4: wider scope" and "5: profitable" are to-dos, with goals of expanding products and achieving a profit increase, along with targeted page visits and reaching break-even in milestone five.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Milestones" is set in large, bold text at the top-center of the slide.
  • There are five columns under the title, each representing a milestone, with a dark header and a lighter main area.
  • Each milestone column has a numeric header followed by a descriptive term, such as "1: prototype" and "5: profitable".
  • The information is structured into four rows: Status, Goals, Time, and Gross Burn cumul.
  • The row headers are placed on the left side in a vertical gray bar.
  • Cells that signify the completion of a milestone, like "Done" under Status for "prototype" and "1st clients," are highlighted in gray.
  • Timeline details are presented with a quarter and year format, such as "Apr 20XX" and "Sep 20XX".
  • Gross Burn cumul values are indicated with a monetary value, like "$10 000" and "$40 000", and the first cell has an additional note "(Own investment $...)".
  • A shield icon with checkered patterns is featured in the top-right corner.

The slide features a clean and professional design, using a restrained color palette mostly consisting of grays, blacks , and whites, with a touch of orange for the icon. The use of contrasting colors effectively highlights the completed milestones while maintaining a clear and organized display of information.

Use Cases

  • In project management meetings to visually track and present progress on various project stages.
  • During investor or stakeholder briefings to report the development and financial milestones of a startup or new business venture.
  • For internal team reviews to align on completed tasks, set expectations for upcoming work, and manage the project timeline effectively.
  • In annual or quarterly planning sessions to review past performance and strategize future business goals and objectives.

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