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Business market description
from deck Pitch Presentation Investor Deck Template


Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is designed to help users describe their market. It prompts the user to identify the industry ("In what industry are you in") and provides a bullet point for a target group description ("Individuals, Retail, B2C..." and "Companies, B2B..."). Additionally, it has a section for "Typical customer examples" where users can create profiles for different customer types and add stories that illustrate those customer profiles. The two columns, one for B2C target groups like "kids" and "teachers," and one for B2B groups such as "Small / Middle / Big companies," help users think specifically about their customer segments.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clear, two-column layout with a light background.
  • The left column contains main bullet points in black text, with sub-bullets indented.
  • The sub-bullets are lighter to denote secondary information or details.
  • The right column contrasts with a dark text box, offsetting B2C and B2B target groups.
  • Each target group point has a light grey horizontal divider between entries.
  • In the center, overlapping both columns, is a large, blue eye-catching circular icon with a target symbol.
  • The icon has a magnifying glass superimposed on it, implying analysis or focus.
  • A simple line drawing of a tripod-mounted telescope rests at the top right, alluding to observation or looking ahead.

The slide has a professional and structured appearance with a blend of text and symbolic graphics. The visual elements, such as the target icon and the telescope, complement the theme of market analysis.

Use Cases

  • Utilized in business strategy meetings to discuss and identify market segments.
  • Presented in marketing workshops to brainstorm and define ideal customer profiles.
  • Used as part of a business plan presentation to investors or stakeholders to outline the target audience.
  • Included in sales training materials to help sales teams understand and approach different market segments effectively.

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