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Company profile: founded, employees, locations
from deck Company Presentation Template and Slide Deck (PPTX)


Slide Content

The slide presents a "Company Profile" with key metrics that highlight the company's size and performance. Key statistics include "founded 2004," denoting the company’s establishment year; "employees 1.7k," indicating the size of the workforce; "locations 651," showing the extent of the company's physical presence; "clients 150k," reflecting the customer base; "production 750k," presumably a measure of output; "sales $82M," representing revenue; "net profit $47M," showcasing profitability; and "brand value $300M," implying the financial worth of the brand. The numbers appear to be placeholders, illustrating the types of metrics that might be included in such a slide.

Graphical Look

  • Background is a split-composition with a cityscape image on the bottom and a solid dark blue on the top.
  • Title "COMPANY PROFILE" is displayed at the top center in white, bold font.
  • Eight colorful rectangular panels with rounded corners, each featuring a white icon and metric, are arranged in a 2x4 grid.
  • The color of the panels alternates between two shades of blue.
  • All panels have an orange underline.
  • White icons corresponding to each metric include a calendar for "founded," human figures for "employees," a location pin for "locations," two people for "clients," factory for "production," shopping cart for "sales," coins for "net profit," and a price tag for "brand value."
  • There is a small text at the bottom of the slide suggesting a comment about the numbers presented.

The slide uses a professional color scheme of blue tones with orange accents, conveying a corporate mood. The icons are simple and easily recognizable, aiding in the quick comprehension of each accompanied metric.

Use Cases

  • Use this slide in an executive summary to give investors a snapshot of company fundamentals.
  • Incorporate it into an annual report presentation to communicate key performance indicators to stakeholders.
  • Utilize the slide during company orientation or training sessions to provide employees with an overview of the organization.
  • Present this slide in a business plan or pitch to potential partners or investors to emphasize the company's strengths and market presence.

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